We need a voice to protect our rural community hospitals, to ensure our access to real broadband, to preserve our natural heritage, and to insure care for our veterans and their families. 


I'll be that voice for you.

The Issues


“As a Registered Nurse for the last 36 years, I have seen many changes in medical care, both good and bad. New treatments have assured survival in situations that meant certain death in the past. We need to make sure that these innovations will be available to all of us by protecting programs like Medicare and Medicaid— programs that we all contribute to by paying taxes, and through those deductions we see on our paychecks.

As a Nursing Administrator, I created a committee that lead to the construction of a new hospital in Van Buren County, a hospital that would not be here if it weren’t for programs like Medicare and Medicaid. The committee included hospital employees and other community volunteers. We worked for 2 years just to convince the community that a new hospital was necessary, and was a goal that we could reach. We earned community support, and the first $50k grant, before turning the project over to other community leaders who formed what is now the Van Buren County (Ozark Health) hospital board. Some of those people who volunteered their time for this project continue to support me in this new endeavor.
As a State Representative, I'll fight to make sure that Medicare and Medicaid will continue to be a force in our lives, to make sure that our medical needs are met from birth to retirement. As a nurse who has reached retirement age, I have the time. Let me continue to take care of YOU! Let me continue to protect our local hospitals.”

Read my full statement on my support for Medicare for All here.



“As future innovation continues to change our way of life, It's necessary that we have access to the tools that we need to participate. This isn't 1980. We need our legislators, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats to join this new century. Affordable broadband access is no longer just a means to play games or watch TV. It's a necessity when applying for a job or healthcare. It can make it easier to keep up with your bank account, or pay monthly bills. It saves money and time, especially if you live in a rural area. Cost should not be the deciding factor for internet/broadband access. 

Many people here may remember when electricity and phone service were only available far from here. Our government, through the Rural Electrification Act of 1936, made sure that companies were required to bring those services to citizens in rural areas at a price they could afford. Those same tools can be brought to bear today to insure that our rural communities have the tools to keep them strong in the 21st century and beyond. I believe that the internet has become a Utility, like water, gas, and electricity. It's got to be affordable, and available to everyone. I'll work to assure that people in rural areas have unlimited access to this necessary utility, without paying two or three times more than people in urban areas like Little Rock or Fayetteville.”



“I've always felt that the people in Arkansas are caring and friendly, and I feel privileged to be an Arkansan. I've lived in this district for 25 years, and my family has been in Arkansas for generations. Today, I'm worried about the increase in destructive weather patterns like tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, and floods. Floods have severely affected our district this year. These dangerous weather patterns that continue to increase in both frequency and intensity have not only affected our lives, they have affected our economy.

It's become apparent that our climate is changing. Instead of being out of our control, I believe that we CAN take control by supporting renewable energy and conservation. I believe in science, and I believe that the future of our world as we know it could be in danger. Why continue to push the use of resources that have, and continue to, destroy our environment when we have access to clean, affordable energy. The technology is here. Already, solar and wind projects are appearing in our state, and they are less expensive and more sustainable than other forms of energy that we have used in the past. Not only will this help assure a safer future for our children, it will create jobs that will last into our future— that will allow our children to work locally and remain here in our area, close to home. We can bring about options that will provide us with safer and more affordable energy now, instead of waiting until it's too late.

By protecting our environment, we also protect our culture. The ability to hunt and fish with our families. The cultural treasures we all share, like the Buffalo River, and the wildlife and natural beauty that bring so many to our state— not to mention the economic boon of our tourist economy. All of these are part of the legacy we must preserve for our children and grandchildren.”



“My husband, Charles Hassell, was a Navy Medic— a Corpsman— who served with a medevac helicopter crew with the Marines in Vietnam. A Navy Corpsman that believed that no one will be left behind. His team's job was to bring home the wounded and the dead. Chuck was severely wounded after his medevac team was attacked during a mission to retrieve American victims. He was pulled into the helicopter and rescued by his pilot. Chuck was the only survivor of the medical team, a team who were his brothers, a team he trained with, lived with, and worked with during his long tour in Vietnam. Survivor’s guilt continued to haunt him throughout his life. He passed away 7 years ago as a result of physical and mental injuries he suffered during, and because of his service to our Country.

Our son served in the Army as a helicopter mechanic on a medevac helicopter during his tour at the Gaza Strip, and my father was a Marine, who witnessed as the American flag was raised over Iwo Jima during World War 2. All of our soldiers have their stories. I know first hand that no Veterans return home from war without some scars. I have been and will be here for our Military families because they have and will, give up ALL for us. I will be there to insure that their needs are met during and after their service to our country, because I understand the needs of military families!”




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